a pure, multi-purpose, non-toxic product to replace many harmful substances in your environment


Wunder Water is a concept to promote an old-fashion, versatile, multi-purpose, non-toxic, broad-spectrum germ killer that has been replaced with newer, but mostly harmful chemicals for it's many, many uses. 

For some people who suffer from chemical sensitivities, it may be a successful substitute for disinfectants, pesticides, fungicides, and antiseptics. The unpatentable but effective nature of nano silver, also referred to as electrically isolated silver (EIS) or colloidal silver (CS), makes it a threat to the pharmacuetical industry, so government is reluctant to endorse the use of it, and is moving toward banning it altogether.

Since the advent of the internet, the knowledge and use of nano silver contiues to grow via home brewing and retail products. Responsible use effectively avoids unnecessarily destroying beneficial bacteria in both the body and the environment.

The Drinkable Book: https://youtu.be/qYTif9F188E